Our Story

The Ghost Orchid is the rarest of wildflowers. It refuses to behave like other flowers, it rejects the usual rules, grows in it’s own direction and chooses to flower only when the conditions are just right. Like this mystifying flower, a Ghost Orchid Bride is wild and free, marching to the beat of her own drum, she makes the choices that truly reflect her heart and spirit, rather than conforming to the expected.

Our passion is to ensure the conditions are just right for the Ghost Orchid Bride to transcend her own unique beauty and character. At Ghost Orchid our mission is to provide modern brides with an extra-ordinary bridal boutique experience.

We believe as a bride you should be made to feel special at every stage of your wedding story and that choosing the perfect wedding dress should be a magical and enjoyable experience. Ghost Orchid Bride offers you that special experience with a choice of high fashion designer gowns and a welcoming, non-intimidating and knowledgeable service in relaxing, stylish surroundings. Visit our bridal boutique in the vibrant Fruit Market area of Hull.