Toronto designer Angel Spendlove and her team know that for a woman to stay true to herself on her wedding day, sometimes a few rules need to be broken. If there’s one label we trust to break the boundaries of the wedding industry it’s without a doubt &FORLOVE. Angel manages to seamlessly blend unique and unexpected designs and fabrics with a classic modern vibe. These effortlessly elegant high fashion gowns are inspired by real life and of course by love. So it follows that these gowns are adored by a new breed of bride: the laid back woman who knows that all being a “bride” means is to put on that killer outfit that looks and feels amazing and enjoy the party that is her wedding day. Why sacrifice your true style and identity on the one day that represents your life’s journey?

& For Love
£1950 - £3250
Toronto, Canada
7 month lead time*
*Rush orders available, subject to approval. Please allow 3 months for alterations
Prices are fully inclusive of import duty, VAT and international shipping