Amy & Ash

Amy's story.

"He had me at ‘hello’ on a summer Saturday night out with far too much to drink (remember when people actually used to do that!)
After 10 years, and a baby later, on the morning of my birthday (how easy!) our daughter Flora gave me a letter rolled up like a scroll, wrapped around the letter was the ring keeping it secure and on the it letter said dadda wants to know if you will be mamma foster? (Insert tears here)

We knew we never wanted a classic ‘big white wedding’ as I work in the industry and although I love all things weddings, I knew it wasn’t our bag.. so we went for an intimate ceremony and old fashioned knees up Christmas party at a cosy pub, filled with amazing food, drinks, pub quiz and kareoke and all our friends and family.

In terms of the dress, I always knew I wanted something super easy and floaty with boho 70’s vibes.. you would never find me in anything tight and I was also expecting our second baby so comfy was also up there with the credentials.. I’m a less is more kinda gal so as soon as I slipped on the Alexandra Grecco "Edith" gown it just felt right.. with an ever growing belly I was nervous that over time I’d try the dress on and it would be too tight but it couldn’t have been more perfect! As for my hair and make-up this was a no brainer! I own a salon called Bows Hair and Make-up specialising in bridal so that was something I knew would run smoothly.

My most memorable part of the day was feeling so bloody happy and excited and looking around seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much- oh and a sober Christmas kareoke with my not so sober dad!"